Biking trails in the vicinity of accommodation Janske Lazne / Montenegro / Giant. What Janske Lazne offers for cyclists?

Mountain Biking Janske Lazne

Bicycle trails lead around the accommodation - Pension *** Martin - Janske Lazne. There is space for bikes, or. can be accommodated for the agreement to rent bicycles.cyklisti u ubytování Janské Lázně, Janské Lázně ubytování, ubytovani Jánské Lázně Krkonoše, janske-lazne-ubytovani-penzion-martin

For the curious cyclists

Giant bicycle trail is kept the most interesting parts of the Black and Light Mountain. The ideal starting place is the upper cable car station Janske Lazne - Black Mountain, where you can avoid unpleasant climb. We export wheels lift from Janske Lazne at Black Mountain for free! The trail route is installed in 9 thematic information boards. Trail is maintained in the III. zone KRNAP and therefore it is necessary to observe visiting rules.

The trail is open from 1 June and 15 October. In order to ensure peace and quiet for wildlife, cyclists can move on the path to 17 hours. Length: 16 km

For the brave cyclists - in the mountains above Janske Lazne!

Cerny Dul downhill Janske Lazne, Black Mountain, Black shack, 1B direction Lučina, 19 B, 1E downstream Clean, Cerny Dul Length: 12 km.

For keen cyclists around Janske Lazne.

The circuit of Lazne Janske around the Black Mountains Janske Lazne, Modrokamenná shed - shed before turning on the route, Kraus Booths - odb on the route, the Great Tippeltovy Booths, Walnut Booths (Valšovky) Rochová Shed - crossroads., Maple Mine - crossroads, United Upa - Maple Mill, Pec pod Snezkou - Senior unmarked road to the Green Brook, Green Brook, Upa loneliness, Lučina - crossroads. Booths at Prague, under the seat Kolinska Bouda - crossroads., SLR, Hoffmann Shed - crossroads. - End of marked trails, Janske Spa, hotels Pension *** Martin Janske Lazne. Length: 28.6 km

For keen cyclists

Crossing Podkrkonoším Janske Lazne, Darlington, Upper Old Town - Junction, Hell - camping, swimming, Břečštejn - abandon. Castle Vlcice - Castle - Park Čermná - church, Hostinne - cities. Pam. Zone, the remains of fortifications and the Elbe Sejpskou fort, historic square with arcades, the Post Office - odb, Klášterská Lhota, Kunčice - 9 km long freight car transporting limestone from the quarry to the Black mine processing plant in Kunčice, Vrchlabi - urban memory. zone, castle, park, accommodation Janske Lazne Length: 60.1 km

Janske Lazne is ideal for cyclists who like to travel the beautiful countryside. Stay in Pension Martin ***.